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Demonology 101 Fandom by Keyshe54 Demonology 101 Fandom by Keyshe54
-More fanart of Faith Erin Hicks' 'Demonology 101' web comic-
My other D101 fanart: [link]

I never got around to sending these to her when she had up a fanart gallery, as then I didn't have a scanner. But that didn't stop me from making these little homages to her comic and characters! The color piece was back in the comic, kinda early-- around the first two 'episodes'. When Raven (main character) was presented the choices and debate of if she was evil by being a demon and what part of it was her choice. Titled Crossroads, it was meant to represent the choices she had and were being forced on her, and the questions that go along with it. Can she choose good or evil and the desire to just live a normal life out or the err 'war'? The inked piece is of Raven and her friends Mack and Mal. Love these guys!

I 'm uploading these old works, as I have a scanner 'now' and I think it's fair that Faith can see my use of her copyrighted characters :D I want to spread the love of D101 a little too.

Faith played a big part in my growing up and inspiration as an artist. Her art was strong, stylish and her representation of women was one of the first times I ever saw that female characters didn't have to be sex-bombs to have value and could be strong on their own merits. That being female didn't mean you weren't 'only' and didn't have to be someones sex symbol. I was way into the more geeky entertainment: scifi, comics and video games... From the way females were represented and the roles they played in those media though, the effect on a young girl wasn't positive and made me question the worth a women, and what I was suppose to be. I just have to spread some love her way in thanks to helping shape me into the happier and healthier woman I am today. I so love her comics, maybe check them out a little or buy one? ([link]) :D
DEMONOLOGY101 comic-:heart:-- [link]
Faith Erin[link]
Faith's DA page--:heart:--[link]
imaxwebber Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Cool dermatology is one of favorite web comics
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Nice =)
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Thank you :)
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